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Inquiry List 1 (询盘列表1)

The inquiry data of this website is from the 108th Canton Fair, divided to 6 different inquiry lists. There are more than 110,000 inquiry datas from 40+ industries and 200+ countries, each data including: the title, detail content of requirements, contact information and so on. One of the requiry lists is as below, please click the subject to browse detail content or click the page number to browse other pages.

Buy Canton Fair Purchasers Data

Purchase Product (采购产品) Buyer Country (买家国家)
Household and Restaurant Supplies Georgia
Agricultural, Animal & Aquatic United States
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Brazil
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Israel
Jewelry, Valuables & Accessories Netherlands
Stationery & Office Supplies United States
Electrical Supplies India
Agricultural, Animal & Aquatic United Kingdom
Furniture & Furnishings Kazakhstan
Water Treatment Products Iran
Machinery & Industrial Supplies United States
Games & Accessories United States
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Denmark
Automobiles & Motorcycles United States
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Chile
Metals & Hardware Products Brazil
Machinery & Industrial Supplies None
Health and Pharmaceutical Brazil
Agricultural, Animal & Aquatic India
Electrical Supplies Afghanistan
Apparel and Fashion Hong Kong
Machinery & Industrial Supplies None
Furniture & Furnishings None
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Thailand
Electronic Supplies Canada
Games and Toys Australia
Automobiles & Motorcycles Italy
Jewelry, Valuables & Accessories Israel
Electronic Supplies Italy
Sporting & Leisure Goods Norway
Electronic Supplies India
Apparel and Fashion Pakistan
Computer and Communication Maldives
Buildings and Construction Thailand
Machinery & Industrial Supplies India
Electronic Supplies India
Health and Pharmaceutical South Africa
Health and Pharmaceutical Syrian Arab Republic
Automobiles & Motorcycles None
Computer and Communication Canada
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Bangladesh
Health and Pharmaceutical Pakistan
Packaging Products & Equipment India
Tools Peru
Gifts and Crafts New Zealand
Foods, Snacks & Beverages Lebanon
Metals & Hardware Products Taiwan
Chemical Products None
Automobiles & Motorcycles France
Electrical Supplies New Zealand
Electronic Supplies Spain
Machinery & Industrial Supplies India
Apparel and Fashion Argentina
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Italy
Electronic Supplies Netherlands
Apparel and Fashion United States
Automobiles & Motorcycles Singapore
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Taiwan
Health and Pharmaceutical Romania
Computer and Communication Algeria
Games & Accessories Thailand
Foods, Snacks & Beverages LK
Computer and Communication United Arab Emirates
Stationery & Office Supplies Nigeria
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Bolivia
Optical Products & Cameras India
Electrical Supplies Germany
Health and Pharmaceutical United States
Electrical Supplies Taiwan
Metals & Hardware Products United States
Metals & Hardware Products United States
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Chile
Security, Alarm & Safety Indonesia
Plastic & Rubber Products Zimbabwe
Beauty Supplies and Cosmetic United Kingdom
Electronic Supplies Ghana
Health and Pharmaceutical Cote DIvoire
Buildings and Construction Nigeria
Agricultural, Animal & Aquatic India
Electrical Supplies Tunisia
Beauty Supplies and Cosmetic Mexico
Health and Pharmaceutical Nigeria
Computer and Communication Philippines
Gifts and Crafts Great Britain
Electronic Supplies Australia
Computer and Communication Taiwan
Electronic Supplies Russian Federation
Beauty Supplies and Cosmetic United States
Automobiles & Motorcycles None
Optical Products & Cameras Malaysia
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Vietnam
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Ukraine
Automobiles & Motorcycles India
Beauty Supplies and Cosmetic LK
Packaging Products & Equipment Iran
Security, Alarm & Safety Israel
Electronic Supplies Indonesia
Machinery & Industrial Supplies Honduras
Furniture & Furnishings Saudi Arabia
Electronic Supplies Hong Kong