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Apparel and Fashion

This is an inquiry message about Apparel and Fashion from Togo in the 108th China Canton Fair.

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Apparel and Fashion (服装服饰)
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I represent a merchandize company specialized in wholesale and distribution of Baby and children wears, men and women underwears and outerwears as well as casual wears for ladies and men.
Our company will like to know more about your company and your products. we welcome your catalog with prices of each product quoted and minimum order specified for each product. we would also like to know your production capacity and your mode of goods transfer.
We Hope to hear from you soon.
Salami Idowu
Sales Manager, Sabafaid Merchandise (Togo/Nigeria) Limited. +2348027819090
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Mr Salam Idowu
Sabafaid Merchandize (Togo/Nigeria)Limited
BP 12409 (lome)


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