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Mercury clean-up

This is an inquiry message about Mercury clean-up in the 108th China Canton Fair.
(这是一条买家关于'Mercury clean-up'的询盘信息,来自第108届中国广交会。)

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Mercury clean-up
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One of our children broke a mercury thermometer about six years ago. We tried to clean it up according to information we had available at the time (using scotch tape to pick it up from the carpet). We are concerned that we did not get all of the mercury off at that time and have perhaps spread it around the house. Is there any way to detect remaining mercury, to determine the level of contamination, and to remediate? Can you help? We have several children in the house still, and are still using the room as a bedroom. If you do not handle residential services, can you recommend someone who does?
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Matthew Higham

Company: residential
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